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Benefits of bringing Zuza in to speak at your organisation or at your next event

Generation Y is a global generation. Year after year their influence as employees and customers is growing on the market. Those who understand and embrace Generation Y will be prepared to face challenges of the global economy. Only they will keep up with the changing world of business. This will translate into the success of their companies. And the satisfaction to be gained from improved professional, family and social relationships is also invaluable.  Zuza will help you understand and make stronger connections with this generation fast.


  • how the energy and enthusiasm of Gen Y employees can be harnessed
  • how loyalty and commitment can be cultivated amongst Gen Y
  • how the best can be drawn out of Generation Y employees for any organisation
  • how to win over Generation Y customers and make more sales
  • how to keep Gen Y customers loyal to your business

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e-mail:  |  NZ: +64 21 2399 129  |  UAE: +971 50 275 1709